What Does Strategic Management Have to do With Capitalism(s)?

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Alexandre de Almeida Faria
Takeyoshi Imasato
Ana Lucia Malheiros Guedes


The many debates about capitalism within the context of the successive crises of neoliberal globalization, although overlooked by the field of strategic management (SM), are of central importance to strategists and academics from emerging economies. In response to the way SM in the US has been linked to discourses portraying neoliberal capitalism as the only option, European literature has embraced the perspective of varieties of capitalism and developed the strategy as practice approach. Through a dialogue with international studies, this article argues that the Euro-American contemporary hegemony in GE helps build the legitimate authority of strategists from large corporations and keep Euro-American state strategists invisible and delegitimizes strategists and organizations from the rest of the world that represent other types of capitalism or alternatives to the Occidentalist order. In the end, the authors posit that the strategy field in Brazil might foster a geopolitical perspective on GE that could overcome some of the restraints imposed by historic capitalism and enable the diffusion and legitimation of other types of capitalism and non-Occidentalist alternatives.


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Faria, A. de A., Imasato, T., & Guedes, A. L. M. (2018). What Does Strategic Management Have to do With Capitalism(s)?. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 18(spe), 2-21. https://doi.org/10.1590/1982-7849rac20141177