Innovation Capability: A Systematic Review of the Literature

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Paulo Sergio Duarte de Almeida Valladares
Marcos Augusto de Vasconcellos
Luiz Carlos Di Serio


This work contributes to consolidate academic research on innovation capacity. A systematic methodology was applied to review the literature since 1991. The recovered literature was analyzed and synthesized into a multidimensional framework composed of 7 determinants of innovation capability - transformational leadership; strategic intent to innovate; personnel management innovation; customer and market knowledge; strategic management of technology; organicity of the organizational structure; and project management that results in performance innovation in products and processes. Additionally, an inventory of management practices that characterize and underpin the aforementioned factors was conducted and presented. The framework and the list of management practices can be used as a basis for future empirical research or as a guide for improving firms' innovation capabilities.


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Valladares, P. S. D. de A., Vasconcellos, M. A. de, & Serio, L. C. D. (1). Innovation Capability: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 18(5), 598-626.