Antecedents of resistance to enterprise systems: the Brazilian managers' view

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David Gradvohl Macêdo
Luciano Gaete
Luiz Antonio Joia


The aim of this study is to determine the antecedents of resistance to enterprise systems. As such, by reviewing the extant literature regarding resistance behavior to information systems, a theoretical model containing the factors that influence resistance behavior to enterprise systems was developed. Then, via a survey, 169 valid questionnaires answered by Brazilian IT managers who had already implemented enterprise systems (ERP) were obtained. From there, the research drew on factor analysis and structural equation modeling techniques to refine and test the proposed model. Results show that systems and personal inclination factors explain about 49% of the variance related to resistance behavior to enterprise systems. The conclusion is that resistance is generated against ERP systems that are not flexible, well designed, user-friendly, and useful for professionals. Likewise, some users have an intrinsic predisposition to resist enterprise system implementation; which points out that systems resistance research must increasingly explore professionals' behavioral characteristics.


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Macêdo, D. G., Gaete, L., & Joia, L. A. (1). Antecedents of resistance to enterprise systems: the Brazilian managers’ view. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 18(2), 139-160.