People management as a success factor in the acquisition of Nossa Caixa by Banco do Brasil

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Hugo Pena Brandão
Rafael Almeida Costa Dutra da Silva
Isa Aparecida de Freitas
Stella Cristina Moraes Pereira
Wagner Soares Fernandes dos Santos


Despite the increasing number of mergers and acquisitions, aspects related to people management and cultural integration are often neglected in these operations, impairing individual and organizational performance. Considering the importance of understanding the variables that influence the success of these processes, this research had the main objective of evaluating human resource practices adopted to facilitate the incorporation of Banco Nossa Caixa (BNC) by Banco do Brasil (BB). The evaluation was based on employees' perceptions of the actions taken in order to promote their allocation, integration, orientation, training and adaptation. Data were collected through a structured questionnaire, available on the company's intranet. The sample consisted of 781 former BNC employees (that delivered valid responses to the questionnaire). For data analysis, descriptive and multivariate statistical techniques (factorial analysis, t-test, and variance analysis) were used. The results revealed that, in general, participants had a positive perception of the incorporation process, which suggests that the actions taken by BB were effective. They also indicate the bank´s consideration for the people and the organizational culture being incorporated, though there were perception differences between employee segments. We hope that this study will contribute to the understanding of variables that influence the success of mergers and acquisitions, as well as contribute to the theoretical and practical debate on the topic.


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Brandão, H. P., Silva, R. A. C. D. da, Freitas, I. A. de, Pereira, S. C. M., & Santos, W. S. F. dos. (1). People management as a success factor in the acquisition of Nossa Caixa by Banco do Brasil. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 17(5), 598-619.