Organizational values and innovative organizational knowledge creation

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Lilian Aparecida Pasquini Miguel
Maria Luisa Mendes Teixeira


Innovation is a source of competitive advantage and is based on the continuous creation of organizational knowledge, which is supported by the individual learning. The individual learning of traditional / comportamentalist and constructivist nature can be understood, by extension, as organizational learning. The knowledge can be innovative if, along with the enabling conditions that characterize it -intention, fluctuation or chaos, autonomy, redundancy and variety of requirements - the process of learning is based on a constructivist nature, the only one capable to generate new learning solutions. The organizational values are beliefs that guide the organizations behavior and constitute motivational goals. This work had as aim to identify the relationship between organizational values and the creation of knowledge. The descriptive exploratory research used the quantitative method. The organizational values appeared in this study mainly associated to the knowledge creation aspects in the internal sphere of the organizations. The orientation towards the external environment appeared less related to the organizational values.


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Miguel, L. A. P., & Teixeira, M. L. M. (1). Organizational values and innovative organizational knowledge creation. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 13(1), 36-56.