Theoretical reflections about the concept of social networks

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Humberto Elias Garcia Lopes


The recent literature on organizational theory has been dedicating a considerable attention to the relationship networks. In spite of this, however, it is possible to notice that there are many theoretical problems concerning this subject matter. In fact, dealing with relationship networks can be considered as one of the most complex challenges to be faced by researchers in organizational theory. This paper intends to contribute to clarify some of those theoretical problems. Through a review of part of the literature on organizational theory this paper tries to propose new analytical paths to understanding the complexity of the relationship networks.


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Lopes, H. E. G. (1). Theoretical reflections about the concept of social networks. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 8(1), 179-200.
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Humberto Elias Garcia Lopes, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Bacharel, Mestre e Doutor em Administração pela Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. É docente do curso de Graduação em Administração da Faculdade Batista de Minas Gerais e professor titular do curso de Mestrado Profissionalizante em Administração da FEAD-Minas. Suas áreas de interesse em pesquisa são redes organizacionais e interpessoais, estratégia e estrutura dos processos administrativos.