Sociomateriality, Power and Connections in the Action Nets in the Handcraft Organization

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Christianne Lobato Ramalho da Silva
Alfredo Rodrigues Leite da Silva


The aim of the current article is to investigate the role played by sociomateriality and power relations in action networks focused on organizing craftsmanship processes, based on the Certeaunian perspective. It addresses the way power is articulated in studies about craftsmanship and analyzes power relations in the sociomateriality of craftsmanship-practice organization. Moreover, it articulates the approach of action networks and Certeaunian contributions to power relations in the daily life of individuals in order to investigate the case of filezeiras (artisans from Maceió County/AL). Data were collected through interviews, participant observation and shadowing techniques, as well as subjected to Content Analysis, based on the thematic modality. Craftsmanship sociomateriality involved transgressions to places of established power or convergences towards these places. Finally, as non-human object, craftsmanship is a frontier object linking different domains, whereas as practice, it is enabled by action networks in these domains, where actions are connected through power relations. Conflicts and disagreements are seen in power relations, as well as connections. This malleability of power relations allows better understanding the common production of craftsmen in daily conflicts, disaggregations and connections.


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Silva, C. L. R. da, & Silva, A. R. L. da. (2019). Sociomateriality, Power and Connections in the Action Nets in the Handcraft Organization. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 23(4), 454-475.