Stakeholder Management in Nonprofit and Religious Hospital Fundraising

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Fábio Augusto Martins
Amélia Ferreira-da-Silva
Carlos Machado-Santos


Religious and non-profit hospitals constitute a vital part of Brazil's healthcare system. Due the nature of this activity, these hospitals have a vast plurality of stakeholders and a complex process of value creation. This study explores the potential association between stakeholder management and success in voluntary donations. The theme under question is located in the area of organizational behavior and almost unexplored in the literature, so we opted for a qualitative and exploratory research. Based on documentary sources and semi-structured interviews with board chairmen, we developed a comparative study of two cases (hospitals). The theoretical framework crosses the fundamentals of Stakeholder Theory with those of Resource Dependency Theory. The study revealed that in both cases stakeholder management is still incipient and poorly structured, and consequently could not conclusively answer the research question. However, this research provides important clarification on the issue and opens new possibilities for research.


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Martins, F. A., Ferreira-da-Silva, A., & Machado-Santos, C. (2018). Stakeholder Management in Nonprofit and Religious Hospital Fundraising. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 18(spe), 65-85.