Co-production of Health Inspection Service: Certification and Rating of Restaurants

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Luiza Moritz Age
Paula Chies Schommer


This research describes the development process for a proposal on Certification and Classification regarding the Nutritional Quality of buffet restaurants, to be applied by city Health Inspection Services. The process is characterized by co-production in the design of the public service, aimed at improving public health by fighting Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases (NCD). People and organizations with different knowledge on the subject participated in the process, which consisted of seven meetings. The steps for the inspection, certification and classification of restaurants were co-produced according to criteria, grades, classification and symbols. The participants considered the proposal development process to be adequate overall. However, it is necessary to invest in other approaches towards consumers and restaurant representatives in order for them to be more active participants. This research has the potential to contribute to help other sectors of city Health Inspection and other public organizations co-produce working tools; to make it easy for consumers to choose healthy food; to help improve nutritional quality of food served in buffet restaurants; and finally to contribute to fighting NCD in cities.


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Age, L. M., & Schommer, P. C. (1). Co-production of Health Inspection Service: Certification and Rating of Restaurants. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 21(3), 413-434.
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