Marketization of Tradition: Market Construction Orientated by Tradition

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Marlon Dalmoro
Walter Meucci Nique


Contemporary society marketization has been identified as the process responsible for elevation of the market to the position of intermediary in social and cultural systems, including traditions. Through an ethnographic study of the southern Brazilian gaucho culture, we analyze how cultural practices have contributed to preservation of traditions through market dynamics. For this, we adopt an interpretative approach to identify multiple agents’ practices responsible for the marketization of traditional gaucho culture. Findings recognize tradition as an invention used as cultural reference for market construction by three distinct groups of agents: producers, consumers and organizers. These agents make use of historical constructions, pride in being gaucho and local identity roots as cultural reference to guide three different marketization strategies: commodification; marketing approaching, and; valuation and valorization of tradition. We conclude that marketization of traditions can transforms the market into a fertile environment for cultural tradition preservation.


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Dalmoro, M., & Nique, W. M. (1). Marketization of Tradition: Market Construction Orientated by Tradition. Journal of Contemporary Administration, 21(3), 327-346.